Pixlona is India's biggest upcoming E-sports platform through which you can participate in PUBG Mobile tournaments and Earn Cash Prizes for every kill. It is a great platform to earn money along with playing your favourite games. Users can join some tournaments for free and some by paying a very nominal amount like Rs.15 via various payment modes!


PIXLONA is the flagship brand of Synclusive Innovation Pvt Ltd. We aim to be India’s biggest E-sports gaming platform with PUBG, CS GO and FIFA games. We are growing group of passionate gamers, geeks, marketers, designers, streamers, engineers, and community builders, all on a mission to bridge the gap of amateurs and pros while evolving competitive gaming as we know it with innovative technology!

Play . Kill . Earn . Repeat

The road to professional gaming maybe shorter than you think! If you consider yourself a pro gamer and you’re thirsting to prove your mettle, PIXLONA pro tournaments and sponsored leagues are a good way get started. Achieve glory for yourself and your team and you might even get scouted by a serious esports brand!

Pick your poison!

Increase your engagement and connect deeper with their favorite e-sport. Pixlona believes that each gamer should have the ability to become better while being rewarded for their skill!


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Download Pixlona Gaming App. Pixlona is India's First PubG Mobile Tournaments Hosting Platform, where players can compete and earn real cash for doing what they love (Playing PubG Mobile) So, Lets play to earn & earn to play. That's our motto

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